Welcome to the future, here the future is the present. Here the future is bathed by a gray tones scale, from black to white we became a dark sea. We left behind the greens of our grandparent’s trees, we only can see the blue of the sky on our little screen and we don’t remember how the old stuff brown tone looks like. We still like that austerity but that beautiful shadows are now brighter because we love that giants advertisements on the street that advice us about our next wish list product. We wear the same kind of clothes and our shoes shine with the same intensity. We buy our food on a plastic container and millions of tiny microwaves make it warmer. The future is here already. Here the future is the present, but let me tell you a secret: most of us would like to change it and most of us would love to talk about, but, hey, listen, we cannot say anything about it okay? Nothing will let us aside if we keep feeding that harmony that made our country the epicenter of everything. | Watch A MESSAGE FROM EARTH